Make The Riedells’ ‘The Rose Window’ Part Of Your Future


Have you ever wished you could get a glimpse into the future? In The Rose Window, the new short film from The Brothers Riedell and New Form Digital, it’s possible. A company called Insight offers a lucky few a look at what tomorrow will hold. In the film, a young couple grapples with the choice to look forward, hoping for reassurance before they make a major life decision. It’s not a choice to be taken lightly. Extremist protestors oppose the use of the titular Rose Window believing that to know the future is to upset the natural order of our world and that some limitations on knowledge are essential to our nature as human beings.

The Riedells are examining an old trope in science fiction: the idea that to knowledge of the future is the direct cause of that future. Their take is inventive. It asks what the world would look like if the ability to know the future could be commercialized. In the world they imagine no one is using visions of the future to amass a fortune or to plot world domination. Instead they try to use that foresight to answer very human questions about family, happiness and personal safety. Participants are even counseled on how to handle the knowledge they will gain and how it may affect their personal relationships.

Time travel plots are all the rage in Hollywood. Just ask anyone who spent part of their summer trying to untangle the Gordian Knot of Bryan Singer’s latest “X-men” film. Still, it’s exciting to see the concept applied to slightly more ordinary circumstances. The drama is more personal but no less intense. The Rose Window takes on some themes that are especially relevant in today’s world, from how people become radicalized, to the way technology has fundamentally altered our relationships. Look into your own future and find fifteen minutes to watch The Rose Window.


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