Maker Stars Head to Television With Disney


Halloween is just around the corner and if Disney has its way, several of Maker Studios’ top YouTubers will be dressing up as television stars to mark the occasion. Disney is beginning the process of merging Maker’s content with its other offerings. Over the weekend, Disney announced plans to bring Maker content creators to the Disney Channel and Disney CD. The first outing will be a 22-minute programming block tied to the Disney Channel’s annual Halloween-themed “Monstober” event.

The Disney channel will air two specially produced 11 minute episodes back-to-back to fill a traditional 22 minute programming block. The episodes will be composed of Halloween-themed clips from popular Maker creators like AJ Rafael, Lana, Mikey Murphy and Mortem3r as well as new content produced by Maker for the event. Episodes will reportedly be hosted by a mix of familiar Maker and Disney Channel stars. A second block of programming with a similar structure will air later this month on sister channel Disney XD. The Disney XD block will be made up of prank clips aimed at a slightly older audience of pre-teens and young teenagers. No creators have been announced for this block as of yet.

Since The Walt Disney Company acquired Maker Studios, many have wondered how Maker would fit into the Mouse’s sprawling media empire. Some early reports indicated that Maker would be used primarily to distribute existing Disney content via its network of channels. The choice to bring Maker content creators to television alongside other major properties like Star Wars and the Marvel Universe suggests that the path for Maker will mirror that of Disney’s other recent major acquisitions. That means there will likely be more television and possibly film opportunities coming up for Maker’s stable of YouTube stars.


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