Mamrie Hart’s New Haul Series Is ‘So Ravin’’

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.50.30 AM

Sometimes, just sometimes … if you’re lucky enough, you get to catch a new series forming that might just be brilliant. Bear witness to Mamrie Hart’s hopefully long-running series That’s So Ravin’ with Flula.

Sort of a haul show (sort of), TSR gives love to new acquisitions that Mamrie and her guests have picked up or just flat out love — like Pepto Bismol.

And every so often there is a rave breakdown, and Mamrie looks totally hot as a raver. I would do Molly with her anytime. Except during work hours. I’m a professional. And on Saturday mornings — I’ve got to have a clear head when I go yard-saling (by this I mean I drink beer while seated in a sailboat in my front yard).

So hopefully this continues for many more episodes — and if Flula isn’t a regular host with Mamrie, hopefully her other guests are just as fun.

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