Master Instagram To Earn Your Netflix Dream Job


Netflix! Instagram! Two words likely to set any millennial’s heart a-flutter are now coming together like peanut butter and chocolate to make something even more irresistible. The video streaming platform that has become America’s perfect non-sexual life partner is looking for three Instagram sharp shooters to go on a paid road trip to TV locations and sets across the country. This particular gig is compensated to the tune of $2,000 per week and comes with the somewhat unfortunate title “Grammaster.”

Anyone interested can apply by following @Netflix on Instagram and tagging three of their sickest ‘grams with #Grammaster. Netflix will choose ten finalists who will then be narrowed down to a final three. Whether this will be accomplished through one-on-one interviews or a Hunger Games style fight to the death is still up in the air. Still, the opportunity to get paid for your Instagram skills and visit the sets of some of the hottest shows around is big for any social media nerd. We reached out to pro-Instagrammer and digital media expert Felix LaHaye of InstaBrand for some insight on how to perfect your Insta-game.

NMR: How did you find yourself working with digital content and specializing in Instagram?

Felix LaHaye: We started the company in 2012. My partners and I were working on other start-up projects, in the fashion industry, and were looking for innovative ways to promote them. We realized that we knew a few people with high followings on Instagram, and we asked them to promote our products. Soon the word spread around town that we had this innovative new way to promote fashion brands, and we quickly realized that there was a great business opportunity there. After a year of focusing exclusively on fashion and Instagram we opened up to all lifestyle companies and all social media platforms (Vine, Snapchat, and even FB and Twitter), and now work with fitness, wellness, car manufacturers, hotel chains, food giants, phone makers, Big 5 studios… everything cool. My personal background is in music.

NMR: What makes a great content creator on Instagram? Is it photography skills or is it the ability to tell a story with images?

Felix LaHaye: What makes a great content creator on Instagram is owning a vertical and having a clear connection with one’s audience. Like any artist, a good Instagram develops their own personal touch, to the point that when their content pops up in someone’s feed there is no doubt who the creator is. Some people distinguish themselves by the quality of their photography (@rubbleandrock, @andrewknapp), others by their unique sense of style (@marycake, @ellenvlora), good looks (@katesullivannnn, @tiffanytothxoxo), or funny content (@klarity, @bjcalvillo).

NMR: Do you have any tips for an amateur social media enthusiast looking to go pro?

Felix LaHaye: The main trick to growing fast is picking one vertical and sticking to it. If one is to do a fashion page, make sure that all posts are about fashion. If it’s a comedy post, make only comedy posts. But, ultimately, make sure that the photos are always top quality, avoid taking an overabundance of selfies, and never repost memes or quotes, no ones likes those.


With these tips in hand you’re a shoe-in to claim the prize. Just remember to give us a shout out when you do.
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