Mondo Facilitates NMR’s Weebl ‘Interview’ To Accompany ‘Greatest Hits’ Release

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The name Weebl means much on the internet — he’s the shadow figure/artist who has worked in the milieu of “random” to cultivate terrifically bizarre cartoons and animated bits. It’s the sort of stuff they used to only show in “Spike & Mike” festivals alongside Happy Tree Friends and Don Hertzfeld vids. It makes perfect sense, then, that Weebl would team up with Mondo Media, purveyors of all things Happy Tree Friends to release a supercut of all his greatest animated bits.

One of those remastered deals (now in WIDESCREEN), the compiled footage, called Mr Weebl Totally Out of Tune, features all of your favorite Weebls Stuff bits including “Badger Badger Badger” AND Amazing Horse — already mentioned here as basically my favorite thing on the internet.

Fortunately, in addition to this incredibly fantastic quote from Mr Weebl himself, Jonti Picking, from the press release (which was itself well written and informative):

“Yo. Look at my crazy steez, yeah,” said Picking, the founder and head writer for the Weebls Stuff channel. “This collection is lush with crazy-fresh beats and eye melty juju!”

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We also got to do a brief sort of interview with the Londoner who facilitated an entire generation’s sense of humor online. Really, we only asked one question and of course it was about Amazing Horse:

The question:

Are there any amazing stories attached to this clip … did it ever get (you) laid?

The answer:

Jonti: “Amazing Horse is about how the decline in horse use as a means of transport correlates with the rise in the rights of women.

The horse cock represents a horse’s cock.

The song has never got me laid (thankfully as I am married and that would just be out of order) but it did nearly get me into a fight once after a gig. A very drunken girl accused me of being terribly sexist because of the one line “Shut up woman get on my horse”. Which, yes could be taken that way out of context and if you assume that I am the rider which I’m not.
Eventually I managed to come to a point where we were all getting on and hands were shook. It’s at this point that her boyfriend, the scrawniest fella I’ve ever seen and someone you could fairly describe as “a rasher of wind”, decided now was the time to defend his lady-friend’s honour. Everyone just looked at him in surprise as he could also barely stand up, it probably wouldn’t go well for him and there was no need for such hostilities. The lady who I’ve just come to an amicable state of mind with quickly bundled him out of the house.

Apparently he does that sort of thing a lot.”

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Damn, right? The Weebl collection (sounds so museum-y) is available on iTunes and Google Play, and starting on Nov. 4 of this year, it will also be available for rental. Screw renting, buy all the things Weebl has to offer!

And just in case you thought we would forget to include an executive quote:

“For over a decade, Jonti and his team have been relentlessly overloading the internet with insane musical shorts and hysterical animated series, and it’s exciting to see his best work finally brought together in one special package,” said the lovely April Pesa, director of development for Mondo Media, who NMR considers a dear friend (along with the whole Mondo crew!).

Good work, everyone involved with this project. We, of course, expect brilliant things moving forward … no, f**k that, we DEMAND more brilliant things from this partnership. Like lots more Amazing Horse.

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