Mondo, Fusion Mastermind Animated Sketch Show ‘Like Share Die’

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Those crazy kids over at Mondo Media have been as busy as beavers lately. First we told you about their collab/greatest hits release of Weebls Stuff, now they’re dropping a new show on us. Must be nice to be this productive — I’m still trying to get the energy up to finish my trough of cereal and put on underwear.

The new series, Like Share Die, will be an animated sketch show that utilizes shorts from some of Mondo’s best shows like Dick Figures, as well as content sourced from the Mondo MCN. The series comes as a result of a partnership with the cable network Fusion (who also just signed a deal with Maker last week — the knee bone’s connected to the leg bone… ) and shall hopefully result in glorious returns for both companies.

I swear to god this came from their web page ... NMR did not make this ...

I swear to god this came from their web page … NMR did not make this …

Aaron Simpson (probably no relation to those yellow people on TV — no, I’m not invoking VietNam-era racism here), the debonair VP of Animation and Biz Development at Mondo had this to say about their latest partnership:

“Mondo has been knocking out hugely popular short-form comedy content for well over a decade, so now with a quarter-hour TV show to fill we’re struck with a deep, horrifying fear of how we’re going to animate all that footage. All kidding aside, the head writer, Josh Faure-Brac, is all over this one, the animation crew at Six Point Harness is at the top of their game, and we’re thrilled to be teamed up with the sharp development and programming folks at Fusion.”

Expect the series to run on both Fusion’s cable network as well as Mondo’s YouTube channel. Also, you can see it streaming unauthorized on my illegal, off-brand, backyard satellite feed … but they don’t need to know about that…

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Be sure to inhale this Mondo news and pass it to the person on your right. *Cough*