My Damn Channel Brings Harry Shearer’s Nixon to YouTube

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Harry Shearer, the brilliantly comedic talent behind such characters as C. Montgomery Burns, “Spinal Tap’s” Derek Smalls and “Wayne’s World 2’s” Handsome Dan is now positioned to become a YouTube star.

Or rather, his Nixon character is.

My Damn Channel is betting that Harry Shearer will make a splash in his new miniseries “Nixon’s the One.” The series of shorts, which ran on television in England, focuses on Nixon’s private Oval Office recordings — which feature some profane and unintentionally hilarious musings on life and life in the White House.

The show, which debuts today on My Damn Channel, comes as Shearer tells, “as an opportunity disguised as a disappointment.”

“We made it as a television show,” Shearer said. “It aired as a television show. For whatever reason, it didn’t find a television home here. The great thing about YouTube is everybody knows where to find it. It’s accessible to everybody. You don’t have to pay for a membership or anything.”

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Perhaps Mr. Shearer will find a Streamy sitting on his shelf one day and that won’t be so bad.

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