Naked ConcertGoer Found Lost In Woods; Encounter Goes Viral

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It might shock you how much better an article does if you can fit the word “naked” into the title. People like “naked” a whole lot.

A hunter was surprised to find another person out in the thick of the woods with him recently — and even more surprising, the man was naked. Fortunately for the rest of the world (maybe not so much the naked guy), the hunter’s game camera recorded the whole incident.

As Casey Sanders tells KLTV, “On the way to the game camera, I hear a ‘hey.’ Of course, me being by myself in the woods not thinking anybody else is anywhere around, it startled me, shocked me. I hear, ‘I’m naked,’ and I looked down and he’s standing there in the middle of the creek. He’s not wearing anything at all.”

The man was allegedly beaten by three other guys, stripped and dragged out to the woods after the Tomorrow World Music Festival in Atlanta, GA. There he’d survived off of rotten crab apples and creek water for four days.

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The hunter … not the naked guy.

Once Sanders determined the naked man in the midst of the woods wasn’t going to attack him, he gave the confused man some food and helped him out of the woods.

After tiring of telling the story to everyone he knew, Sanders decided to just post the video on Facebook and YouTube. It has quickly gained over a million views and now finds its way to you.

God bless naked people.

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