‘Need You Right Now’: Bethany Mota Can Sing!

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 4.14.29 PM

I went to Bethany Mota’s page to write a cutesy “Oh look, even while doing ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ she still has time to upload vids for her O.G. fans (or ‘Motavators,’ if you will).” Instead, I found that she had just uploaded her first music video — and it’s awesome.

A duet with Mike Tompkins, “Need You Right Now” could easily be the breakout jam for a nice cool Fall that would take Bethany to the next next level. She’s already at the other next level, but this fun, stripped-down vid featuring dominoes tumbling in a dazzling display of time + patience, could launch her into superstar status.

Bethany is on an epic ride that should be the envy of, well, everybody. But especially those bullies back in the day that got her onto YouTube in the first place. Could there actually be a silver lining to bullies? If that’s the case, a whole bunch of people owe me a thanks … as well as a few years worth of lunch money (Jeff punches his fist menacingly).

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