Nerdy Nummies, Alfie Deyes … 5 New Halloween YouTube Vids

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Oh man, oh man, oh man — we are in the full swing of the best holiday of them all. Seriously, every few minutes I break out into that “This Is Halloween” song from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” complete with falsettos. I’ve already changed my costume a dozen different times and have stockpiled a bunch of good stuff for the trick-or-treaters before I hit the town myself (all candy bars … none of that Tootsie Roll bullshit).

But if you think I’m excited, you should see YouTube. Already the witch’s cauldron (we should call it that year round really) is brimming over with a torrent of creepy/cool videos just released. And the best part is: more are coming! Yup, as we draw ever closer to All Hallows Eve and my Netflix account gets jampacked with some truly pathetic attempts at horror movies, more and more terrifying videos are going to find their way onto YouTube.

But for the time being, here are five of our favorite newly released Halloween videos from some of our favorite YouTubers:

Nerdy Nummies’ DIY Halloween Treats

“Frank-amole” should be all the reason you need to tune in to see what Rosanna Pansino has dialed up this year to make your Halloween parties a … scream!

DisneyCollector Makes Play-Doh Costumes For Her Friends

Is there anything DisneyCollector can’t do? Besides show her face … what if she has one of those spooky “Phantom of the Opera” masks?

PointlessBlogTV’s Scary Hayride

Just because you aren’t actually part of the in-crowd with this cadre of attractive teen Brits starring Alfie Deyes, doesn’t mean you can’t tag along as they go on a haunted hayride.

LaurDIY Gumball Costume

There are going to be a bunch of Ebola victims and other boring costumes this year, so you might as well figure out a kick-ass original costume to wear. Too bad LaurDIY is going to have to suffer a bunch of lewd jokes about her “coin slot” because of its placement on her gumball machine costume.

Friday the 13th Halloween Prank

I know it’s only a joke and yet I can’t help but be terrified for these people… so many ruined cell phones.

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