Nick’s Jennette McCurdy Returns To The Web In ‘Between’


Controversial Nickelodeon star turned web series creator Jennette McCurdy is returning to the web in a just announced Netflix project. Best known for her turn as Sam Puckett on beloved Nick series iCarly and it’s popular spin-off Sam and Cat, Jennette made massive internet waves with her Vimeo web series What’s Next for Sarah. The semi-autobiographical web show featured Jennette as Sarah, a former teen starlet with a cancelled show who needs to figure out her next move in a hurry. More controversially, it also featured an unflattering caricature of Jennette’s former costar, pop music mumbler Ariana Grande.

The show may have ruffled the feathers of Ariana’s fans, but it also garnered McCurdy some positive attention for her ability to carry a more adult role. Now she will return to the world of streaming video as the lead in Between, a co-production between Netflix and a Canadian broadcaster City, about a town in which everyone under the age of 21 is killed by a mysterious plague. The young survivors must find a way to hold things together after the government quarantines the entire area leaving them to fend for themselves and manage the power vacuum left by the missing adults. It’s a promising premise, especially in an age where survivalist shows like The Walking Dead have prospered.

McCurdy is just the latest former tween star to find a new home on a gritty web drama. Emily Osment, better known as Hannah Montana’s trusty sidekick Lily, is currently in her second season playing ass-kicking assassin Roxy on Crackle’s Cleaners. As streaming providers continue to expand their offerings it can only mean more opportunities for actors. Hopefully Between will be a chance for McCurdy to flex some different dramatic muscles than she’s been using at Nickelodeon over the last seven years.


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