NMR Spotlight: Blessing Xaba


At NMR we’re always scanning our sub boxes for the stars of tomorrow, and when we find someone who we know is about to blow up we let you know first so you can get in on the ground floor. We pride ourselves on knowing how to pick a winner and that’s why you need to get to know Blessing Xaba ASAP.

He may have just launched his own channel last Sunday, but he’s already got the demeanor of a YouTube pro. That’s probably something he picked up from his personal pal and YouTube’s favorite Aussie, Troye Sivan. The two met on the set of Spud, the South African teen movie franchise of which Troye is the star. Blessing plays Fatty, a friend and classmate to Troye’s Spud Milton.


He made his YouTube debut just over a year ago when he joined Troye in the “What Is It Challenge.” He’s obviously a natural, but despite the promise to launch his own channel he’s kept us waiting until now.


The besties reunited earlier this week to do a little bit of interior decorating and give Troye’s room a fresh new look. He’s basically living a fangirl’s dream.


All of this is of course leading up to his own first video. Say hello to Blessing Xaba, YouTuber.

Getting started is always the hardest part so head over and give Bless some love. He’s already doubled his subscriber count in just one day and his momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

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