NMR Spotlight: Chad Neidt


In his five plus years on YouTube Chad Neidt has accumulated over 64,000 subscribers and more than eight million views. What’s his secret? A little bit everything all done really well.

Chad is probably best known by his one minute mash-ups which is only fair since they’re crazy impressive. He takes as many song as possible and crams them into a sixty second window. It’s super fun to watch but it also looks exhausting. Sometimes there’s a theme, other times he takes viewer suggestions meaning you can throw him a brutal curveball if you want. (Why would you want to? What kind of monster ARE YOU?!)

Don’t get me wrong, the mash-ups are amazing, but Chad is no one trick pony. His channel also features covers, hilarious sketches, and recently his own original music. He recently dropped an album “Am I Doing This Right” which is clearly worth a listen. So check out a few of the many reasons that we’re really digging Chad Neidt:

Like I said, the mashups are killer. Watch him crush 18 Dispatch songs in just 60 seconds. He’s got like 30 other equally rad mashups but I like Dispatch and I’m in charge here so you’re just going to have to deal.


As a kid raised on both pop-punk and David Lynch, I’m a sucker for this next video. Chad performs the Blink-182 classic “What’s My Age Again” BACKWARDS and then plays it in reverse to see how close he can get to the original. He sounds a little drunk and a little German but otherwise I’d say he NAILED IT!


Are you tired of music? I don’t know why. That’s lame, but I guess I’ll accommodate you. Check out this sketch video which accurately depicts the sensation of being invited to someone’s wedding. Take it from me, I’ve been to ten this year alone.


Chad’s original music is pretty rad too. Chad brings the same sense of fun to his original tracks that he brings to his videos. Here’s his take on the Hollywood grind that we all know and love.


Chad took the summer off from making his trademark mashups to promote his album but they’re back in full force and his latest is well worth the wait. Here he is absolutely slaying all the Queen songs you can possibly fit into 60 seconds.


We highly recommend that you take some time out of your busy day and hop over to Chad’s channel. Let us know what you think and be sure to tell him that NMR sent you.
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