NMR Spotlight: Jack Howard

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Jack Howard is another funny funny UK YouTuber. Besides his main vlogging channel, he’s also got a sketch comedy channel with his friend Dean Dobbs. When I googled their names very quickly, one of the first results is a list of slash fan fic for them hosted on Archive of Our Own. So, there’s that. IN ADDITION, he’s a total Spider-Man lover (don’t call him a Spider-Man nerd), and he starred in (UPDATE: and also wrote and directed for!) the web series we mentioned the other day by TimH, “The Library.”

I’m trying really hard to resist a far too obvious “jack of all trades” joke right here, so to avoid the pain that would inevitably bring, let’s just jump right into why you should be watching Jack’s work, shall we?

He’s humble as shit.

He says what a lot of us are thinking. Don’t deny it.

He has a very special message for everyone, but possibly British dude YouTubers in particular.

He did university the right way.

He’s easy to find in a lot of great collab skits with other YouTubers.

Check it out. Tell your friends. Preferably do both of those things. You did? Yay you! Now comment! And DANCE!