NMR Spotlight: Jenny Bingham

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Between book deals, talk shows, and millions upon millions of views, there’s no question that the world is taking notice of women performing comedy on YouTube. As they should.

Jenny Bingham, known on YouTube as thatjennybee, is an up-and-coming comedian with a variety of videos ranging from hilarious sketches to amusing vlogs and even a handful of cover songs. After appearing in a number of sketches for friends’ videos, she began her own channel in 2011 and has since amassed over 100,000 subscribers between that and her secondary vlogging channel. In addition to just being plain funny, her videos have that polished quality that’s always nice to see in online productions.

So without any further ado, here are some reasons we think you should be watching Jenny’s videos.

She understands the true value of good literature.

She’s certainly not afraid to look totally weird on camera. (No, but really, go look at all of her thumbnails.)

She enjoys conveying a wide spectrum of emotions. And being a ghost. Yes, that.

She can sing! Music is nice, isn’t it?

She throws down some real talk with her viewers, addressing the way people online tend to interact with strangers.

Her brother is also a YouTuber, so once you’ve flown through all of her videos and crave more, you can spot her in some great sketches on his channel, too.

Which of Jenny’s videos do you like the best? What other UK vloggers would you like to see us profile? Share with your friends and let us know!