NMR Spotlight: Lex Croucher

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Managing to make people laugh with whatever random weekly vlogs you come up with is a skill that puts certain vloggers in an extra special Awesome Comedic Ha-ha People Who Talk At Cameras Well category floating high above all the other vlogger categories. That’s a very scientifically categorized category, just FYI. Lex Croucher, known on YouTube as TyrannasaurusLex and elsewhere throughout the internets (including her second channel) as lexcanroar, is one of those people.

I’d heard Lex’s name pop up a hundred times over the past several months in discussions about the YouTube community without actually watching any of her videos. What a mistake.

In addition to having a lot of smart things to say about important topics, and having fantastic pop-culture interests, Lex is just a talented, clever vlogger. Truly even the most mundane topics and tag videos were made entertaining and LOL-worthy by this funny lady.

So, why is her channel totally worth your time and your subscription? Allow me to take you on a (short) journey…

She once had a hamster named after a Spice Girl. And it kinda did Viva Forever! For a while. You’ll see.

She casts patriotism to the wind and lets us in on the true secret behind how the British make their tea.

She should probably work for Netflix if only because “Films From Your Childhood aka The Only Thing That Makes You Feel Anymore” is a category we all need.

I don’t know much about boys, but I’d imagine “learn how to fart their name” is profoundly useful advice for attracting that gender.

She knows how to capture the holiday spirit at its rawest form far better than most.

If you aren’t watching Lex’s vlogs, go give them a try. You won’t regret it. Besides, I just gave you a bunch of videos to start with and five of them are even embedded right on this page so you’re really out of excuses.

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