NMR Spotlight: Tim Hautekiet

After abandoning an earlier channel that was largely made up of fan trailers, Tim Hautekiet has been posting videos to his TimH078 channel since 2010.

Though he’s most well known for his Evolution of Music series (see below), most of his videos are of a more filmic or sketch comedy nature. He also vlogs on both his main channel and MoreTimH, and often collaborates with other comedy YouTubers in the UK.

What do we like about Tim’s videos? I’m glad you asked!

He would either be the absolute best friend to go on a road trip with, or the worst. There’s no in-between here.

He doesn’t just vlog, he reenacts.

His channel hosts a fairly ambitious odd little web series he created with the help of his friends and fellow YouTubers.

He knows that sometimes the best videos don’t ultimately have too much of a point.

When he’s paid to promote something, damn straight he’s gonna make it funny.

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