Not To Oversell It, But Hazel Hayes Is Everything

I don’t like to judge, but if you don’t know Hazel Hayes yet then you’re doing it wrong, and by “it” I mean life. Hazel is one of our favorite YouTubers. She’s based out of the UK, but as the saying goes “everyone loves an Irish girl” and Hazel has international appeal. Hazel started her career on YouTube with a career at YouTube. Before she launched her channel, Chewing Sand, Hazel worked as a partner manager for YouTube in the UK, helping some of your favorite Brit creators launch and manage their careers. She launched her channel two years ago as a way to better understand what her partners were dealing with. Since then she’s developed a sizeable following of her own and collabed with some of UK YouTube’s biggest names.

Since getting her start she’s alternated straight up vlogging with a handful of more specific series and characters. Undoubtedly her biggest hit is Unnecessary Otter in which she plays a sweet school teacher whose constant companion is an aggressive, foul-mouthed, taxidermied weasel. This is, in essence, the sort of thing that YouTube was made for and we should be forever grateful.

Otter is probably Hazel’s most recognizable skit, but I’m personally more partial to Tipsy Talk. What could be more fun than watching your favorite YouTube creators polish off a bottle or two of wine and engage in some generously lubricated real talk? Here Hazel is joined by another of our YouTube faves, Tim Hautekiet. She’s also gotten her tipsy on with Jack Howard, Benjamin Cook, Emma Blackery, and her very own Mum.

She’s also an accomplished filmmaker who recently released her very first short film, “Super Brainy Zombies.” Clocking in at twenty minutes, that film manages to have a ton of fun with familiar zombie movie tropes and pulls off a twist ending that is 100% original and fresh.

There’s way more Hazel that we could rave about but there just isn’t enough time in the day. Her friendship with Louise Pentland, better known as YouTube’s always charming SprinkleOfGlitter, is among our top 10 OTPs, she’s a superhero superfan and her takes on the latest Marvel and DC releases are always incisive and interesting, and she’s a gifted singer whose voice doesn’t get featured nearly enough. Check out her channel and give her some love and be sure to let her know that NMR sent you.

I lied, here’s one more Hazel video. Her cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love” is too good not to share.


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