Oh My Disney Channel Features Baddies Singing One Republic

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.22.46 AM

Is Maker Studios rubbing off on Disney? Now we’ve got villains singing pop songs — so progressive of the Mouse House.

The YouTube channel Oh My Disney, which bills itself as videos for Disney fans by Disney fans has just channeled their inner cosplay to get some of the baddest villains from the Disney stockade to parody One Republic’s “Counting Stars.”

The video, which features the likes of the so-in-right-now Maleficent as well as Captain Hook, Jaffar and that one from Hercules …

Released as a sort of Halloween treat from the same people that brought us the massively popular Real Ducks Performing the Duck Tales theme song, this clever little take on evil will make you want to join the dark side. No, not ISIS! Come back!

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