Oodles of DoddleOddle!

I’m not sure when exactly the ukulele became the official instrument of YouTube, but that seems to have happened. I’ve been told this is largely because it’s a fairly simple instrument to play. Having never seen one in real life, let alone tried to play one, I can neither confirm nor deny this. But I do know that so much ukulele can sometimes…feel like a little much. And have made my opinion on the matter known publicly on multiple occasions.

Which is why I was fairly confused when I stumbled across Dodie Clark’s YouTube channel, which is composed primarily of ukelele videos, and realized… I absolutely love them.

Dodie (aka Doddleoddle) is skilled at the ukulele. I don’t know exactly how to qualify that, but it’s undeniably apparent that she genuinely knows what she’s doing. On top of that, her voice is one of those you could easily describe as resembling that of a melodious angel. And to top it all off, her channel is one of those somewhat rare music channels where her original songs are just as good as her covers. There are some I’d argue are even better.

Regardless, they’re all worth checking out. And here are some suggestions for where to start:

This cover of Katy Perry’s “Roar” is currently the most viewed video on Dodie’s channel and it’s easy to see why.

Her latest release, a version of Ingrid Michaelson’s “The Chain” has her collaborating with some very talented friends.

This original song, “She,” is hands down my favorite video on the whole channel. This is one of those songs that you want on your iPod immediately after hearing it. Seriously. I love this song. And the video is adorable.

Not a song, but this video about building a ukulele is pretty neat to watch.

Another original song, “Broken Record” is a collaboration with one of YouTube’s favorite stars, Tessa Violet. And the two sound good together.

Great, right? Yeah. Told you. Now go tell all your friends!