‘Oscar’s Hotel ‘ Full Of Fantastic Beasts — Do Check In

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PJ Liguori has crafted a world I very much want to live in. Spontaneous, proper, and absolutely filled to the brim with punny, talking creatures of magical origin, Oscar’s Hotel, is a charming pilot episode filled with endless possibilities.

Breaking us into the world of Oliver, nephew to the eponymous Oscar, we are fitted with a glimpse of fantastical tales to come when we arrive with Oliver for a visit at his uncle’s fabulous hotel. Unfortunately for Oliver (and Oscar), another guest shows up as well — one with a taste for the good life.

Liguori, who picks up any random character role in need of filling has gone and created a children’s fairytale with plenty of puns, double entendres and a few winks and nods (eh eh?). I could absolutely get lost in the potential of Oscar’s Hotel every Saturday morning, sitting in my pajamas with a mixing bowl full of cereal.

Created by Liguori for his entry in the New Form Digital shorts program, a company bankrolled by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard that has funded a round of pilots, each in contention for series financing, Oscar’s Hotel is a fanciful lark that demands serious consideration.

New Form Digital, in creating this contest has absolutely given us commoners a peek behind the show business curtain as we get to see what goes into selecting from a diverse array of truly worthy talents. Ultimately, it might not be the best shows that survive — politics of life being what they are, but certainly Oscar’s Hotel deserves to be in the conversation.

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Do yourself a favor and book yourself a room — hopefully they have weekly rates.

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