Our 7 Favorite Christopher Walkenthroughs

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to game with Pulp Fiction star and Hollywood icon Christopher Walken, then I have some good news. I spent the afternoon finding out and I am feeling pretty weird about life as a result. Machinima’s Christopher Walkenthroughs put a special spin on the traditional art of the Let’s Play video. They add Walken’s iconic voice and mannerisms to the commentary in a way that makes you feel like Chris is your old gaming buddy from way-back. Check out a few of our absolutely favorite Christopher Walkenthroughs:

Toby Turner may be YouTube’s master of Happy Wheels, but Christopher Walken gives him a run for his money in this epic run through.


If you’ve ever fantasized about a world in which Christopher Walken plays Deadpool instead of Ryan Reynolds (You haven’t? WELL YOU ARE NOW!) this play through might give you just what you’ve been craving.


Does Chris have gaming buddies? Damn right he does. Iconic Hollywood voices tend to stick together so don’t ever interrupt Walken’s game night with pals Morgan Freeman and John Madden.


The Walkman (a new and excellent nickname I just coined) is always on trend so you won’t be surprised that he’s already tackled the trendiest game on YouTube, Minecraft. Watch the full video to acquire valuable Minecraft tips such as “You gotta build a house, to keep the assholes out.”


Walken and Freeman team up again to tackle one of the greatest gaming mysteries of all time: What the hell are Sims actually saying?! They must have some kind of Simlish Rosetta Stone because their translations sound hella accurate to me.


If you’ve been waiting to play the new Street Fighter Ultra then don’t even bother. Just watch this video and save yourself the trouble.


There’s no way we’d let this Halloween season pass us by without the ultimate spooky thrill. That’s right, Christopher Walken plays Slender. With iconic lines like “Collect app the pages before Slender Man gets you, or else he’ll bugger you right up the bunghole,” this video is on track to be a Halloween classic on par with Hocus Pocus.

There’s tons more Walkenthroughs to choose from but these are our top picks. Scroll through this playlist and see if he’s tackled your favorite if you don’t see it here.

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