Our Last Sam Pepper Article…Until The Arrest


Updated YouTube declined to comment on Sam Pepper’s case specifically, but a rep for the company told NMR “We have strong guidelines regarding advertising on the site, and we may choose to stop placing ads against any video if we receive advertiser complaints or determine that the content of the video is inappropriate for our advertising partners.” It’s safe to assume that they’ve received more than a few complaints about Sam’s content in recent weeks.

It looks like that’s a wrap on Sam Pepper’s YouTube career. The YouTube creator has been under pressure since late last month when a video in which he groped woman on the street for laughs triggered a firestorm of controversy. After a failed attempt to spin his prank as a “social experiment,” Pepper, who typically is very active on social media, has been laying low. Aside from a few cryptic tweets he has made little effort to address the claims by the media and his fellow YouTubers that much of his content is sexual abuse. Only when rumors of legal consequences started circulating did he respond by tweeting images of a statement from the LAPD confirming that he had not been arrested. Since that time multiple young women, both fans and fellow creators, have come forward to accuse him of sexual assault and rape. Sam Pepper seems content to ignore these allegations, at least publicly, but it looks like YouTube has run out of patience. The video giant has apparently pulled the plug on Pepper’s YouTube partnership, stripping him of the ability to generate revenue with his videos.

Though neither Pepper nor YouTube have made a public statement as of press time, videos on the Sam Pepper YouTube channel no longer carry ads, a tell-tale sign that his partnership has been terminated. Sam may have bigger concerns on the horizon. At least one of his growing number of accusers has contacted the Los Angeles Police Department to file an incident report relating to his conduct. It’s one thing to ignore media scrutiny, but the police are another matter.

It’s clear that the potential loss of his YouTube partnership is just the final nail in a coffin that Sam Pepper has built for himself. He’s already been dropped by his network, Collective Digital Studios, and blacklisted by most of the online video community. He is unwelcome at VidCon, Playlist Live, and a number of other YouTube conventions. Even former friends like fellow creator Marius Listhrop, better known as Mazzie Maz, have cut ties, leading us to wonder how much of a career he truly had left. We’ve reached out to YouTube representatives for official confirmation but one thing is abundantly clear. If this is the official end of Sam Pepper’s career on YouTube, he will not be missed.


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