PewDiePie Introduces Us To His Attractive Family

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 11.04.54 AM

So it was just PewDiePie’s birthday (NMR totally sent a present … damn mail people must have stolen it!), and I guess the gamer had his family come out to visit because he got them on camera — and yowza! Hot mom and hot sister alert! Also, there are cute pugs in there. This is just an entirely attractive family.

Also, notice how formal PewDiePie acts in front of them — no silly voices — only a young man trying to act like a sensible adult. Hehehe. I wondered if they are subscribed to his channel — and they totally answer it! So good Q&A sesh here.


Share this article because it should be a trend that we get to see the families of YouTubers … hell, we should make that a regular NMR feature. What do you think?