PewDiePie Reintroduces Comments Back On His YouTube Channel … Sorta

UPDATE: 10/13/14 12:48pm PST: Okay, so PewDiePie hated my original title:

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And took umbrage with the fact that we posited that he had reintroduced comments to his YouTube channel.

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Evidently he has, but only to redirect people to his website where they can make comments there. So disregard the comments on his YouTube page … they are only there to facilitate comments on that aforementioned website. As he correctly mentions about YouTube’s comment boards … “it’s a buggy feature anyway.” You can go to PewDiePie’s website comments here.


Apparently the drought is over …

PewDiePie, gamer extraordinaire and the most popular person on YouTube, announced recently that he would no longer have comments on his YouTube page. It even seemed official because we exclaimed “YouTube’s Biggest Star Dumps Comments For Good”(!). Apparently he was sick of the lack of participation by real fans, the spam and the bullshit. Imagine how much of that stuff you get on your page — yeah, this guy has over 30 million subscribers. So his troll hassles vastly outweigh whatever hate you get.

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But contrary to that whole “for good” thing, PewDiePie (real name Felix Kjellberg) has reintroduced comments to his page, not with a bang or a whimper, but with a whisper. And so far it seems like those real fans and their lack of participation have taken notice. Eagerly they’ve picked up right where they left off, both commenting on his gameplay and thanking him for returning their ability to tell him he should have gone to the right instead of the left and delightful gamer noise like that.

The comments section reappeared on his walkthrough for the game “Alien Isolation,” posted an hour ago.

We won’t say the comments are back FOR GOOD but for the time being, we’ll just appreciate that they are here.

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