Pomplamoose Will Punch Your Ears With “Fight Back” (Lovingly)

I absolutely love it when my favorite YouTubers don’t have regular upload schedules that they stick to. No, really. It’s like surprise!Christmas every time I get an email about a new upload, only with more joy and fewer drunk relatives.

So getting a notification about a new video from Pomplamoose today? Well, it’s remarkably better than the geometry VHS tapes I got for Christmas ’02, that’s for damn sure.

The lurvable internet band comprised of Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn is fresh off their tour, and even include some footage from it in the video they dropped today, an original song called “Fight Back.” As catchy as basically every tune they ever record, “Fight Back” features a familiar riff they’ve used to open up their videos in the past, immediately drawing their fanbase into the song. But even if you aren’t already a Pomplamoose fan, well, you will be, and you should be, because they rock. Get on that.

“Fight Back” can be found on their latest album which was released earlier this summer.


What’s your favorite Pomplamoose song? When was the last time you wished you’d fought back about something but didn’t? Are you a moose? SHARE!

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