Pretty Princesses Say “F*ck You” To Sexism

Recent events have proven that sexism is alive and well in America and around the world, but a new campaign from progressive clothing company FCKH8 is taking aim at the problem with a controversial ad. The video features a group of young girls dressed in frilly princess attire swearing their adorable little brains out. The ad takes on the notion that as a society we are more offended by the idea of little girls using foul language than we are by tangible examples of inequality. The ad has drawn praise for its unapologetic stance on feminism and its inventive if provocative approach to getting the message out. It’s also been panned by some critics for a scene in which the girls recite rape statistics and then ponder which one of them might someday be a victim of sexual violence. You can check out the video below, but if swearing or small children in princess dresses are triggering for you then consider yourself warned.

While some have blasted the video for its over-the-top approach, others have praised the attention-getting spot for launching an important conversation. What do you think, does the video go too far or is it just the wake-up call we need to draw attention to serious inequality?

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