Princess Peach Lays A Royal Smackdown On Gamergate


So Gamergate has been a bit of a clusterf**k, hasn’t it? Women from every corner of the gaming world, from journalists to developers have come under fire from an angry troll horde. Doxxing is common and several women have been forced to flee their homes after receiving serious death threats. It’s way out of control. I mean, if you can’t settle it with a few games of Smash Bros. maybe you should just agree to disagree instead of posting someone’s details all over the internet, right?

The worst thing about gamergate is that it’s almost impossible to tell what it’s really about. The words “ethics” and “journalism” keep popping up, but I’m not sure how that’s connected with threatening Felicia Day who is neither unethical nor a journalist. Fortunately, the first lady of gaming is here with Draw My News to unpack the whole thing from start to finish. I mean the REAL first lady of gaming, Princess Peach herself. She’s been following this whole mess since day one and I warn you, she is pissed. So if you’re still fuzzy on the whole notion of gamergate, just hit play and let her highness the princess lay a royal smackdown on the whole mess.



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