Rags To Riches To Rags: Viral ‘GoldenThroat’ Broke Again

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Remember how neat it was three years ago when the world discovered Ted Williams, the homeless man with a golden voice? Okay, really it was Doral Chenoweth, a Columbus-area reporter who discovered him, but the world quickly adopted him and bestowed him with the nom de plume “GoldenThroat.”

His inspirational story got him a book advance worth six figures, a spokesman job for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and perhaps more importantly, a home. But all that is mostly gone now — though Williams is quick to inform people he’s still clean.

“I’m going to forget about the fact that I should be a millionaire now,” Ted Williams told the Columbus Dispatch, who interviewed him this week in a touching-yet-depressing update on his story. Chenoweth once again reached out and found that Williams had enlisted some bad management — leaving him with no home of his own and no car.

According to the Dispatch, he still has a radio job and a year left on his Kraft contract though, so all is not lost. And he’s begun to help the less fortunate, working at a soup kitchen on Fridays.

So even without money, he still seems like a pretty nice guy.

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