Rock Out With Roomie!


If you watch a lot of music on YouTube, you’ve probably heard of Roomie, aka Joel Berghult.

As far as music goes, Roomie really does it all. He’s basically a one-man band, skilled not only at a variety of instruments but also at music production. I took note of him a few years back after I started realizing he was popping up in a lot of collaborations with other YouTubers I was watching, but he’s been posting videos since 2010. Covers, original songs, music challenges, vlogs about music — you name it, it’s there.

And with over 120 videos to his main channel (not to mention 350,000 subscribers), there’s a lot of impressive content to get through. But we’ll give you a kick in the right direction with these starters:

This awesome song created partially from samples of Pewdiepie’s voice.

This video featuring five horrible song ideas by Roomie and BoyinaBand.

This rock cover of Auto-Tune the News’ version of the infamous “I’m Not a Witch” political ad from Christine O’Donnell.

This medley featuring several beloved TV theme songs.

This video about how to use auto-tune in amusing ways.

This cover of Pitbull and Kesha’s “Timber” with some friends. No one can hold a candle to Kesha, but hey, you can try.

This how-to for making a chart topper with absolutely no talent.


There’s plenty more where these came from, so go head on over to Roomie’s channel and check out his other videos. And don’t forget to share this with all of your friends (and roommates)!

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