Rocket Jump Pairs With Dolby For Final Season of VGHS

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“Giant mainstream company pairs with YouTubers” alert:

It looks like Video Game High School is going to benefit from a pairing with the professional sound people at Dolby. A pairing was recently announced that should not only make Rocket Jump’s star franchise sound like a major motion picture, but Dolby will benefit from the “new cool” that surrounds hip YouTube series. Additionally, Dolby will be seen as one of the early adopters of a brilliant and cutting edge platform — which will look good in the trade rags.

“What Freddie and Matt have done with VGHS works on multiple levels. You’ve got the lives and drama of these talented gaming students at the high school, and you’ve also got the different virtual worlds with the players inside the various games themselves. So that provided lots of great opportunities to design creative sounds and build immersive sonic environments,” said Glenn Kiser, Director of the Dolby Institute.

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Video Game High School, which is in its third and final season, tells the story of a group of friends at an elite academy that teaches video games as real life. If you haven’t seen it by now, you should definitely check out the first two seasons. Because now that Dolby has gotten involved, the sound mixing on the third installment should blow your mind.

The first episode of season three just launched on YouTube (below):

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