Say Hi To Dave From BoyInABand

I’m a sucker for music channels that give any sort of insight into their process. So when I stumbled across Dave from boyinaband and his 500+ videos, I knew I was in for a lengthy YouTube binge.

Straight up tutorials for making electronic music? Check.
Rap battles? Check.
Humorous vlogs and music videos? Check.
Remixes? Covers? Discussions? Did I mention there are over 500 videos on his channel? There’s a lot of variety and goodness happening here.

Beyond the impressive number of videos, he’s also racked up over 34 million video views. Damn. And every single one is deserved.

But I’d rather point you to some of my favorite videos of Dave’s (and no, I haven’t watched all of them yet, but trust me, I’m working on it) and let you see for yourself why they’re so great instead of just spouting off statistics, so here it goes. Some boyinaband videos to start out your new obsession:

This incredibly impressive collab with Andrew Huang in which they create a single song that cycles through 26 different genres in alphabetical order. Keep your finger on the volume control.

This theoretical lyrical music that’s somehow just very captivating to listen to.

This rap totally taking all the people who give him grief for his appearance down a notch or twelve.

This mash-up song that remixes 10 different Christmas songs in different genres.

This self-described pointless fast rap.

This music video that reveals the true secret behind creating a number one hit single.

This “Gollum vs. Smeagol” Lord of the Rings-themed rap battle video.

This video where he’s like “hmm, I wonder if I could make an entire pop song in a day?” And he does. And has time to make a video. And the result is genuinely interesting at the very least.

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