Shanna Malcolm Teaming With Scotty Johnson For Fitness Series

UPDATE 10/29/14 18:42 EST: Good news, peeps! Here’s the teaser trailer for MikeDiamondTV’s new series (embedded below!) and NMR has gotten word that Shanna and Mike’s fitness videos will launch NEXT WEEK! It’s all happening, man!

If that update doesn’t make a damn bit of sense to you, read the article below. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 3.25.53 PM

NMR’s secret girlfriend Shanna Malcolm has just teamed up with the Sinners From Down Under star Scotty “The Rock” Johnson to ROCK FIT.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure what that meant either until I checked into it. Apparently Scotty, whose bio claims “he is a reject from the Thunder From Down Under team” (sort of an Aussie Chippendales) is going to turn Shanna into a lean, mean force to be reckoned with … and he’s going to do it with his ROCK FIT system. Of course, this is all part of a fantastically funny character interaction piece; witness Scotty’s other personas DJ Waterfall and Greek/Aussie nightclub impresario Costa Pannas.

“Working with Shanna Malcolm was a pleasure as she is a true professional and great talent,” says Scotty “The Rock” Johnson. “ROCK FIT will open up the world of fitness like never before.” He also made sure to let NMR know that “ROCK FIT” is patent pending … in case we were thinking of getting into the fitness game.

According to Mr. Johnson’s, um, people, “The series is a truly interactive transmedia experience that allows viewers to communicate with the characters through their Facebook, YouTube comments, blog and Twitter.”

You can likely experience the series whenever the hell it comes out, on Scotty and Shanna’s respective pages.

And as for Shanna herself, she gave Scotty the endorsement equivalent of writing “Have a great summer!” in someone’s yearbook:

“Scotty is good peeps!” says Malcolm. “I enjoyed working with him.”

Damn. Be sure to check out Shanna’s upcoming collab with NMR.

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