Shay Carl’s ShayFV Trailer Shows AFV Reenactments

In an age where sharing embarrassing home videos is essentially part of everyone’s daily routine, it’s almost mind-blowing that America’s Funniest Home Videos still exists. Yet, here we are.

Though the clip show that refuses to die has already taken to posting their on-air videos to YouTube, they seem to be making an attempt to take that a step further by introducing a new online show called ShayFV, hosted by YouTuber Shay Carl.

Though you can watch the trailer now, the 17-episode show itself premieres October 19, with episodes first airing on Maker.TV and AFV’s YouTube channel before going up on Carl’s compassionately named “Shaytards” channel a week later. According to Deadline, each five minute episode will feature Carl and his family reenacting and watching existing AFV clips. In that sense, AFV seems to be following in the footsteps of traditional network shows, which is to say, focusing its efforts on remakes. Perhaps ShayFV will be the next Charlie’s Angels

ShayTV is only one part of a bigger deal Maker has made with Vin Di Bona Productions. It also plans to send more of its YouTube stars to the broadcast version of AFV and have them provide commentary after the show to be uploaded to YouTube.

Will you be watching AFV? What do you think would be a good alternate name to Shay Carl’s channel? Which canceled-too-soon Rachael Taylor show do you miss the most? Share this!

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