Slow Mo Guys And Angry Birds Flock Together


YouTube is teaming up with Rovio Entertainment to bring YouTubers and mobile gaming together. You might remember Rovio as the company responsible for Angry Birds, the mobile game that briefly hypnotized the entire country with the illusion that it was fun. Rovio is launching a new game called Retry which will call back to the classic days of 8-Bit gaming and they’re teaming up with YouTube creators The Slow Mo Guys to get the word out.

Not only will The Slow Mo Guys promote the game in pre-roll ads for Rovio around the world, but their content has been integrated into the game itself. A slow-motion level in Retry will directly reference their video style and include a slow-motion mechanic that players will need to master in order to advance.

Celebrity involvement can mean the difference between a middling mobile game and a blockbuster release that captures the world’s attention. Kim Kardashian might not know the first thing about game development, but lending her name and likeness to the mobile game Kim Kardashian Hollywood created a mobile game sensation and earned developers and Kim K millions. By steering their audience to the game, The Slow Mo Guys give Retry a better chance at a big launch, and if the game becomes a viral hit then they will also benefit from the cross promotion. Considering the overlap between YouTuber fan-bases and the target audience for mobile gaming, we won’t be surprised to see this strategy succeed.


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