Smosh Does ‘Dumb & Dumber To,’ Holds Twitter Contest

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 3.39.38 PM

Look, you love Smosh, you love “Dumb & Dumber,” you really love NMR, and Twitter is pretty okay, right? So what if NMR wrote an article about those other three things — you’d be pretty damn happy, right?

Well good news: Smosh did all the heavy lifting and paired up with “Dumb & Dumber To,” the sequel to the amazing original film (possibly the funniest movie ever made) AND they’ve included a contest. So really all we have to do is give you the deets.

Basically, they run like this: A lucky Smosh fan will win a trip to the LA premiere of Dumb & Dumber To with Ian and Anthony. They’ll also be shooting a Smosh second channel video from the premiere and utilizing that content. For a chance to win, fans just need to tweet the hashtag #SMOSHDUMBTO. All the other details on the Tweetstakes can be found here.

The premiere is November 14, 2014, in Hollywood, b*tches! No convicted axe murderers need apply.

But if all that’s not awesome enough, Smosh made a music video to commemorate this happy pairing. Who’s the dumber member of Smosh? Allow them to convince you:

Make sure you share the hell out of this; I’m trying to impress Ian and Anthony with my ability to write awesome stories about them!