Snoop Dogg Joins The ‘Million Subscriber Club’ On YouTube

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Does Snoop Dogg’s success demonstrate that mainstream celebrities can thrive on YouTube? Or is he the exception that proves the rule?

It makes sense that Snoop would be the first Hollywood celebrity to become a crossover success on YouTube — everybody loves weed. Also, he was an “early adopter” of the platform amongst his peers. But Snoop isn’t just succeeding at YouTube — he’s dominating, showing a lot of YouTube celebs how to play the game that they own. Snoop’s GGN, which stands for “Double G News” just reached the million subscriber mark for WestfestTV.

The show features Snoop doing his thing with the likes of celebs including Larry King (who loves Snoop right back) and Charlo Green — the recently minted “F**k it” reporter who quit her job to fight for the legalization of weed.

Because he’s hit 1 million subscribers, Snoop has promised a new song and the possibility of “smoking something” with viewers on screen.

Between his success on YouTube and the freshly released news that he is one of the investors in Reddit, Snoop pretty much owns the internet. Stay up, playa.

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