Sour Patch Kids Enlist Fullscreen YouTubers For Scripted Show

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Well, that’s a headline I never thought I’d type …

Sour Patch Kids, the official candy of people who are into S&M, has just launched an online scripted series that brings YouTubers together with the punishing taste of horribly sour candy.

Teaming up with MCN Fullscreen, the Sour Patch Kids brand (owned by Mondelez International) launched “Breaking Out,” a series that exposes the lives of teenagers — who conveniently always have Sour Patch Kids. And probably cavities.

The YouTubers are O2L’s Ricky Dillon, Andrea Russett, Chris Collins and Brent Rivera. According to AdWeek, collectively the stars claim five million YouTube subscribers.

In the first of the videos, Russert plays a new girl who relies on her animated Sour Patch Kids buddies when shit gets real. Good stuff.

Sour Patch Kids also worked on a media campaign with Viner Logan Paul earlier this year. So this isn’t, you know, their first rodeo.

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