“Space Janitors” Sweeps Back In For Third Season

After a highly successful crowdfunding campaign, Space Janitors is back for Season 3!

Centering around a janitor named Darby Richards and his friends who live and work on an evil space station run by “the Empire,” Space Janitors is a parody of a number of different sci-fi universes. The season premiere sees Darby in an existential crisis over the recent discovery that his long-lost father (a fish) has a multitude of children out in the universe, meaning Darby isn’t “special.” This feeling becomes exacerbated after none of his friends show up for social drinks at their space bar, and Darby lashes out in a way that gets the whole gang into trouble.

Space Janitors exists on the Geek & Sundry channel, where it collected over two million views in its first two seasons. They launched a Kickstarter campaign at the end of 2013 in an attempt to secure the last bit of funding for the third season, and received over double what they had asked for. 

So rejoice, Space Janitors fans! You secured more episodes of your beloved series, and they will be rolling out every Tuesday on Geek & Sundry starting today.

Have you ever worked as a janitor? Is one of your parents a sea creature? Would you like to win a free trip to space? Share and comment below!