Start Off Your Halloween Right with Some Creepy-Ass Vines

Vine is not the place you would look to find nightmare fuel, but on occasion there are some vines that will haunt you for days.

What better way to start off your Halloween than by watching exacly one minute worth of fear driven content? Let’s get this list cracking!

First you’ve got to have your classic face morph, what Halloween would be complete without it?

What kind of horror list would this be without your creepy dolls?

Sometimes people cut together footage that will leave a scar on your soul.

Eli Roth had a horror competition with some pretty strong contenders.

This guy is ready for The Purge I mean Halloween.

Here’s one I made for the hell of it. When your room is Halloween colors you’ve gotta give it a shot right?

If this isn’t horrifying enough for you, you can always head over to Curtis Lepore’s vine and see how many likes and shares his still has.


Happy Halloween! Don’t forget to share this with all of your friends, so you can all stay up together!