Step Into YouTube’s Legendary House of Horrors


When Legendary Entertainment teamed up with YouTube Creators Spaces around the world to provide support, advice and sets for a bunch of hardcore horror productions from YouTube’s top creators, we knew it was going to be amazing. The studio provided YouTube Spaces in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Tokyo with spooky sets inspired by the upcoming Guillermo Del Toro horror flick Crimson Peak and told YouTubers to go wild. We’ve been seeing some of these projects trickle out throughout the month of October, all flying under the YouTube Space House of Horrors banner, but now that Halloween is just days away, we’ve hit the mother-lode.

In true YouTube fashion there’s something for everyone — whether it’s a truly bone chilling short from The Brothers Riedell, or a nerdy musical romp from AVByte. Fortunately, Legendary Entertainment has assembled some playlists depending on what flavor of horror you’re in the mood for.

If it’s straight up fear you’re looking for this is the playlist you’ll want to start with. It’s got 13 horror shorts including the Riedell’s disorienting “Dinner” and my personal favorite Hazel Hayes’ truly chilling “Dementia”


If you’re a little more faint of heart or you just need something to brighten your day then this playlist is probably more your speed. It contains 11 comedy shorts including a catchy musical riff on internet trolls from the AVByte brothers and “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” from our pal Jason Horton.

If you want a quick pop-culture catch up in the comfort of a haunted mansion crawling with psycho killers then the last playlist packed with unscripted fare is probably for you. It’s got regular updates from some of Legendary’s newly acquired YouTube partners like Nerdist and Geek and Sundry recorded on the House of Horrors sets.

This is just a small sample of the awesome content coming out of the House of Horrors project, but there are dozens more. If you’ve got some time dive into YouTube and see what you can find, just make sure you come up for air in time to get your Halloween costume together. If you can’t get enough of YouTube and Legendary’s House of Horrors then NMR has you covered! Our own Sara Parra had a chance to tour the sets and even sit down for a chat with the horror maestro himself, Guillermo Del Toro.

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