Suspected Cop Killer Has ‘Violent’ YouTube Past

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Eric Frein, the lone suspect in the murder of a police officer, has been evading police for almost a month. Suspected to be entrenched in the Pennsylvania woods, Frein has been using his honed survivalist skills to avoid capture — skills he posted to YouTube.

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His channel uses the name “Vucko” which is Serbian for “little wolf,” and the American man clearly has a thing for Serbian militias. Displaying a love for Serbian military action, ballistics and survival tactics, Frein’s YouTube page, some say, should have waved a cautionary flag that may have saved police officer Cpl. Bryon Dickson’s life on Sept. 12. Of course, by that logic FPSRussia, a young guy that speaks with a fake Russian accent and LOVES military grade firepower, should be considered the most dangerous man on YouTube. So it’s a tricky slope to navigate.

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And as far as profiling goes, if you started rounding up all the loonies that post on YouTube, you’d be left with Vimeo. But then again, perhaps it was Frein’s rants and comments on other videos that exposed what should have been those true cautionary flags before the shooting at a police barracks that killed Dickson and critically wounded another trooper. Here’s just a sample of commentary that Frein left on other YouTube pages:

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