@TerrorStory Is A Spooky Twitter Ghost Story


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Normally when we do stories about Twitter, the word association usually runs to “vapid” or “self-indulgent bullshit” or something along those lines. But seldom do words like “terror” or “scary as hell” enter the picture.

Just in time for Halloween, the scariest Twitter account of them all (Kris Kardashian was a close second), @Terrorstory, is dropping creepy like, I don’t know, Ebola’s dropping Texans (which is also creepy).

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 4.27.02 PMThe site, which combines spooky facts from the world of ghosts and murder with scarier images has been soaking up the followers since it started in Oct. 2012 (on a dark and stormy night, no doubt). Now with over 220,000 followers, this site is doling out the nightmares like, I don’t know, Texan doctors dole out Ebola treatment. Here are some appropriately creepy tweets:


Be sure to follow them, because in one way or another, they’re probably following you. Oooooooh.

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