Texas Cheerleader Creates YouTube Channel To Kill ‘God’s’ Animals

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Kendall Jones made waves earlier this year when the Texas Tech cheerleader posted photos from an African safari on Facebook. Turns out, they were the right kind of waves, because now Kendall has a YouTube hunting channel sponsored by Remington Arms.

The show, Game On, takes Kendall all over the world with her best friend Taylor Altom as they kill animals great and small in the name of sport. The first episode of the show sees Kendall and Taylor head to Lake Charles, LA to hunt a ‘gator. And kill one they do: “Can’t wait for my boots and handbag! Should be coming in the mail any day now,” she posted to her Facebook page.

It hasn’t all been roses and sunshine for the gun-toting cutie though: she came under intense Internet derision for posting Facebook pictures of her next to a lion and rhino she’d killed during her time in Africa (also some big yak-looking motherf**ker). Once again, the trolls and haters online have elevated someone’s status and done more harm to their cause than good. Oh trolls … when will you ever learn?

Personally, the show looks interesting. I’ve never put animals on the same level as I put humans, so I don’t get as torqued as the lot of you when they die. We’ll see what this series has to offer before we cast aspersions.

Yeah, cheerleaders with guns … I like that. This show should go far.

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