The Far Side Horror Short Films Unearthed On DailyMotion

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Back in 1994, when Gary Larson’s comic strip was the hottest thing since, well, newspapers were invented, the cartoonist decided to become an animator as well. Launching his Halloween-themed Tales From The Far Side (a spoof on the anthology horror film “Tales From the Dark Side”), Larson showed us how sick and twisted the world of The Far Side could be when brought to life.

Grabbing images from his single-panel cartoons, he built short stories around them — scenes that are both imaginative and violent. Never again will you look at inanimate objects like carrots or eggs without thinking about how you are basically murdering helpless innocents. Larson, in his own subversive way, was almost essentially a precursor to PETA.

In 1997, he followed the moderate success of Tales From The Far Side up with a second edition. Unlike its forebearer, it was never released on television and ended up existing only on the festival circuit.

Now both anthologies have been rediscovered on Dailymotion, just in time for one last scare. They are terribly dark, we warn you though … and likely, you won’t be able to unsee the darkness behind the ink if you glimpse at a Far Side comic again. It’s probably better for my sweet childlike innocence that I didn’t see these shorts in their original run. Better to see them now, as an adult, hiding under my covers.

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