‘The Front Page’ Is Weird New Pilot From 5 Second Films

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Remember yesterday, when you read our Mitchell Davis article about him cameoing in a whole bunch of show pilots for New Form Digital? And we said we were going to cover each one of those shows? Yeah, this is one of those things …

Though I haven’t watched all of the other pilots yet, I can honestly say this is the most brilliant concept of them all. There aren’t enough shows about sleazy tabloids and the people that run them — so “The Front Page” easily scores a pipeline directly to my heart.

Started by the 5 Second Films crew (some of them anyways), this pilot, which if it proves popular enough will get made into a regular series via New Form Digital, stars Jon Brence as a bright-eyed and naive photographer who turns a chance photo of his girlfriend (Olivia Taylor Dudley) banging an alien into a job with tabloid-turned-blog, The Weekly Gazette.

Kelsey Gunn also stars as a hardened reporter out looking for a scoop who gets shackled to our new photographer. And Paul Prado plays Editor-in-Chief of the blog … Batkid. Like I said, it’s a wonderful concept for a show that with some solid financial backing and another writer (maybe some handsome upstart from a trade publication?) could be the most consistently fun show in the digital stratosphere … think “The X Files” meets “Just Shoot Me.” Delightful, right?

The show needs some tweaks and maybe a four-leaf clover to continue, but its got a talented cast and crew backing it and the savvy of Ron Howard and Brian Grazer behind New Form Digital to help keep its blood flowing.

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It would be a shame if this series doesn’t get the chance to grow into its potential.

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