The Latest PS4 Update Gives YouTube Gamers A Boost


There’s some good news for gamers today courtesy of Sony. The company has finally released the long awaited YouTube app for the Playstation 4. The app will have all the standard features including the ability to view and interact with YouTube content, but the most important feature is the ability to record gameplay footage and push that footage directly onto YouTube.



The new app and its uploading feature is bound to make life easier for gaming content creators. PS4 is home to some of the hottest games of the moment including Shadows of Mordor, The Evil Within, and smash hit Destiny. For YouTube gamers being on top of the latest trends is essential and any tool that makes it easier to create and upload content form big buzzy games is an asset.

The previous version of the app already had a feature that allowed players to upload their footage directly to Facebook, but according to a blog post from Sony HQ YouTube integration was one of the most hotly demanded features by fans and players. Facebook may be catching up in some quarters, but it seems that with gamers YouTube is still king.


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