The Young Turks LiveStream With Controversial Atheist Sam Harris

UPDATE 10/23/2014 13:52 EST: As promised, here is the free version of Sam and Cenk’s debate:

Whohoo, free!

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If you’re a member of The Young Turks’ premium page, you are in for an intense livestream discussion between Cenk Uygur and noted author Sam Harris. Harris was most lately notable for being a part of that heated debate involving Ben Affleck on Real Time with Bill Maher. He’s also a neuroscientist and founder of Project Reason, a non-profit foundation devoted to spreading logical thinking (they say “scientific thinking”; I was just boldly editorializing) and secular views.

Harris, who has advanced the theory that Jihadists are “the norm for Muslims,” has also been at odds with another recent TYT guest, author and professor Reza Aslan, so tonight’s livestream should be an intense and incendiary look at the politics and religion (often the same thing) in the Middle East.

If you’re not a member of TYT’s premium channel yet, it’s not too late to join and witness this powerful discourse go down in real time. Of course, if you’re a cheapskate who doesn’t want to pay for aforementioned membership, certainly clips will be made available after the fact. But you’ll be the one person at the watercooler tomorrow not talking about this dynamic media moment … so there’s that.

The debate happens live at 6pm PST tonight. You can join The Young Turks’ premium page by going here.


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