‘Thief’ YouTuber Yes No Apparently Has ‘Viral Guilt’

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Mashable touted the lone upload by YouTuber Yes No, a video called “When Mama Ain’t Home,” featuring a trombone-playing dad and his oven-door-banging son. It’s catchy as f**k — so it makes sense, then, that the video has over 700,000 views on Yes No’s page.

But what Mashable failed to realize, perhaps, is that Yes No isn’t the author/star/producer or original uploader of the song – a fact that Yes No is apparently well aware of. Posting in the video’s description box, the YouTuber acknowledges that though they have the most popular YouTube version of the song, they aren’t its copyright holders:

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Apparently, this admission comes on the heels of some aggressive comments from the peanut gallery because not only did they disable comments…

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… but they actually point viewers in the direction of the original uploaders, a channel called Bauerbirds. The video is already a huge hit on Facebook’s Timmy Trumpet page.

Yes No staunchly claims they are not banking money off the video – so it’s interesting that they keep a version up at all, because by having the more popular video, they are actually costing the original copyright holders money.

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Essentially, the best thing a copycat or mirror account could do would be to not exist at all if they were really concerned about credit being given where credit is due. But the fact that a mirror account is willing to take ownership of the fact that they didn’t make the vid in the first place … well, that’s def. a step in the right direction.

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