Tim H’s ‘Bad Burglars’ Is Quite Good


Back when we first heard that New Form Digital would finance short films from YouTube creators there were a handful of names that I immediately scanned the list for. One of those names was Tim Hautekiet, the YouTuber and filmmaker better known as Tim H. We were excited to hear that Tim was one of New Form’s picks for its short film program and we’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of his comedy short Bad Burglars ever since.

When our own Rachel Kiley profiled Tim earlier this month she noted his undeniable talent for sketch comedy and that talent is very much in evidence with Bad Burglars. Co-starring Tim and Hazel Hayes, another of our favorites, as bungling burglars at the end of a deeply unsuccessful crime spree, the film combines Tim’s natural knack for composing action sequences with his gift for self-effacing comedy and pratfalls.

Bad Burglars is packed with witty references to heist movie tropes, tons of visual gags, and just a dash of genuine heart. We don’t want to spoil anything but I dare you not to smile when Hazel has to choose between her partner and a clean getaway. Do yourself a favor, Bad Burglars is definitely worth ten minutes of your time.



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